What Happens After The Parade

A show unseen

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what happens after the parade

None through this flesh like her spirit made.

Both smile and trouble in her eye,

Shake her beauty with debate and sigh.

Hiding in hideous fantasy,

Hold the old world to an endless sea.

She sees her smile upon her brow,

Leaving a piteous willow now!

Cried suddenly by the star: a sign

Lay out my moon in the broad sunshine.

Fell those bitter blood into her eyes,

Perhaps a dream went over an eye.

She dropped a hand, with basket of air,

Old shadows past her rockets of hair.

She put a peaked arms over her mind,

Because of the life she cannot find.

To this one ray of her desire,

Holding the world to part entire.

Still glittering like a slender Light,

Quiet as the vague spirits of night.

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